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Zeus DRM Panel

Digital rights management (DRM) is the use of technology to control and manage access to copyrighted material. DRM aims to protect the copyright holder’s rights and prevent unauthorized distribution and modification of content. It is increasingly important as digital content spreads through peer-to-peer file exchanges, torrent sites, and online piracy. DRM helps entertainment and media companies protect themselves from cybersecurity challenges, ensure compliance, enhance operational efficiency, and prevent downtime.

Zeus DRM Panel is a universal DRM solution that works with most channel providers worldwide. It offers several main features:

  • New super fast Engine KMP4
  • New Encryption PlayReady support
  • Smooth Stream compatibility
  • OnDemand functions
  • Export format RTMP
  • Automated stream start after panel restart
  • No buffering, with uptime over 60h+
  • GeoBlocked method

Zeus DRM Panel allows authors, musicians, moviemakers, and other content creators to clarify and control what people can and cannot do with their content. It protects their copyrighted material, safeguards their creative and financial investment, and makes it impossible for media to be stolen or shared illegally. For example, specific assets can be restricted to avoid legal issues arising from unauthorized usage, thereby protecting copyright and intellectual property.

How DRM Works? DRM addresses the unauthorized distribution, sharing, and modification of digital content by putting barriers in place to prevent theft. It typically involves the use of codes that prohibit content copying or limit the number of devices that can access a product. Content creators can also use applications to restrict what users can do with their material or encrypt digital media, which can only be accessed with the decryption key.

DRM Software DRM technology comes in the form of software or hardware solutions. Both options allow content creators to prevent deliberate piracy and unintended unauthorized usage. Digital asset management platforms, such as Zeus DRM Panel, enable organizations to control access to copyrighted material.

Support Zeus DRM Panel supports various platforms, including MyCanal, SkyGO, Virgin, Canal+, Telekom, Motolov, NOS Play, Globo, GoTV, Malta, Optus, Sling, Peacock, Orange TV, RedLine, Youtube, AstroGO, Nowonline, Dazn, Vodafone, NowTV, Rogers, DSTV, Directv GO, Movistar, Optus Telefootball, Meo, EON, Disney+, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, TudoEsporte, Spectrum, Go3, Rogers, Anevia, Canal+PL,, Focussat, Orange, Movistar,, etc.

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